What is Addiction?

Addiction is a condition that controls repetitive behaviours and the extent has harmful consequences.  There are s variety of reasons why Addictions can develop and they are taking drugs, gambling , drinking alcohol , eating , smoking , using the internet and having sex. Addictions begin as a result of how they make people feel physically and emotionally searching for the “high” sensation.

Addiction also affects the brains function and individuals who develop an addiction are not aware that it causes problems for themselves and others . Continuing to search for the pleasurable effects the substance behaviour may control their activities , the result being that they are unable to quit themselves and therefore seek professional help.


A majority of people can become addicted at any time and the reasons may vary . It can be a combination of emotional , physical factors such as .

Stress ,

Social Environment .( Where they live , work , school where there is addictive substances used ).

Mental Health Issue

Family History ( if parents have addictions ) they are more likely to develop addictions themselves


What is the difference between Addiction and habit?

Addiction is a habit that has become out of control were the individual becomes dependent on it for dealing with day to day life .

A habit is a person in control and decides to do it .

“Nicky’s helped me immensely to cure my eating disorder’s issue”

“Nicky’s helped me immensely to cure my eating disorder’s issue. It  was a really though and painfull problem. Nicky was a great professional indicating me the path to follow.  Without hesitation, I warmly recommend Nicky to anyone needing help by hypnotherapy.”


Getting Help…

The first step is to seek help for addiction and discuss how you are feeling . You can go and talk to your G.P who can answer any questions or a Counsellor who is qualified to deal with addiction.



Addiction Treatment

There are a variety of treatments that are effective in helping people to overcome Addictions . The sessions are adapted andtailored to meet your needs .

Aftercare Support- Self – Help – Groups.

Medication and Talking Therapies .

Counselling (CBT) Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

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