Have you suffered with anxiety and feel out of control?

Been on medication had various counselling approaches and nothing seems to be working.Feel stuck or trapped?

Hypnotherapy alongside Counselling can help you.

What is Anxiety?

Every individual can experience Anxiety at different levels in their life, this may be caused by something that has happened in the past and it is their belief that it may happen again by creating the “What if ” process.

There are different forms of Anxiety

General, Panic and Social (mild , moderate , Severe ). Whilst most people may experience a mild form of Anxiety e.g. before an exam, driving test. Any anxiety disorder can disrupt the day to day life of an individual.


When a person suffers from Anxiety it can lead them to avoid certain situations and their belief is that it is better if they don’t go. however this is not the case . Once you begin avoid any situation , places, or people  it will make it harder for you in the future.


How Hypnotherapy can work with Anxiety.

Hypnotherapy can help to increase confidence and self belief whilst reducing feelings of fear and worry , its another approach which reduces the feelings of anxiety and is very powerful, and effective .

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety aims to access your unconscious mind by making positive suggestions to promote positive change. To re-programme, restructure your thoughts process allowing you to be in control. It also raises your self-awareness and helps you to identify what triggers your anxiety and how to deal with your over-whelming emotions.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an effective , positive , and a successful treatment in reducing feelings of Anxiety the aim is to change the individuals thoughts , feelings and behaviour towards Anxiety and gets to the root cause of the problem. Hypnotherapy is another form of relaxation

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