Have you tried everything to give up smoking such as Gum, E, Cigarettes , patches and still not managed to stop smoking.

Is it affecting your health ( short term )?

Do you feel out of breath?.

Have you judt been diagnoised with long term health problems such as COPD , Heart Disease , Lung Cancer and other Cancers such as mouth , throat , nose, blood , cervical and pancrectic Cancer.


Take Control and make a decision today to quit smoking through hypnosis.


How does Hypnotherapy work for Smoking.


Hypnotherapy is very effective , powerful and successful and the method is to break the negative thoughts and behaviours associated with smoking. Very often it is our thoughts that a smoker holds prevents them from giving up. Hypnotherapy focuses on the change. Hypnotherapy is more effective and successful when the person wants to stop smoking.

Hypnotherapy is another form of relaxation and is perfectly safe , you are not asleep and in control.  A skillful worded script which has been adapted with your specifications making it more real and personal to you . The hypnotherapist reinforces suggestions changing the thought pattern of the smoker.

Stop Smoking hypnosis is aimed at changing the thought pattern and behaviour pattern of the smoker allowing them to promote healthier behaviour and alter their thinking .

Take a look at my positive feedback off a client who has successfully become an non smoker just after one session with hypnotherapy .

“I can not believe I’m smoking free person! I couldn’t believe it! But thank to Nickys help I do not need cigarettes in my life!!! Very recommended”


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